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Visualise Your New Interior Designs With Realistic 3D Renders And Have It Manufactured Automatically According to Specs, Taking Human Error Out Of The Equation.

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Wayes’ interior renovation technology enables builders, designers and tradies to sell & deliver award-winning interior design and renovations with ease… at a fraction of the usual cost.

How Wayes Can Help You Gain an Unrivalled Competitive Advantage


Get a World-Class Design Service At Your Fingertips

We have a team of talented interior designers who specialise in turning you and your client’s vision into a reality. This way, you can spend more time focusing on the creative process, creating a vision board and coming up with fantastic ideas and leave it to us to turn it into a tangible design that you can present to your clients.

Let Your Vision Sell Itself With Our 3D Interior Renders

Wow your clients with photorealistic 3D renders of what their new interior will look like. While your competitors are producing rough hand sketches, you can show your potential customers EXACTLY what their new home will look like. Your vision will sell itself.


Increase Margins With Our Hyper-Efficient Manufacturing Process

We have one of the world’s most advanced manufacturing processes that improves efficiency through artificial intelligence and reduces the cost of production by up to 70%. That means you can offer your clients a lower price than competitors while maintaining a higher profit margin.

Installation As Easy As Scanning a Barcode

With efficient barcoding and labelling that is scannable via any smart device, all cabinetry, furniture and accessories can be installed easily and correctly. It’s so easy that many of our partners use their junior members of staff to install the custom fitouts and furniture.


We Help You Get To The Finish Line

Not enough jobs to keep your team busy? Or perhaps you’re too busy and your team can’t handle the workload? We have built a team that can support you in all areas of your business – designers, suppliers, builders, installers… we even have an in house marketing team that will help you generate more inquiries for your business. If you need help with anything, we’ve got you covered. No long term contracts, we’ll do what you need and when.

Type Of Partners We Look After

  • Save time as we can do your 3D Designs
  • Visualise your design
  • High quality installation
  • Logistics support
  • Fast Design & Quotes
  • Unique design solutions
  • High standard installation
  • Competitive pricing
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  • Produce any style of cabinetry
  • First class 3D rendering support
  • Logistics and installation support
  • Can get you in touch with leading Builders or Interior Designers
  • Help Designers get more work
  • Designs made within 24 hours
  • Fast quoting process
  • Easy to install
  • Installation service available
  • Installation services
  • Delivery Australia Wide
  • Local & Overseas Supply Chain
  • World class software platform
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Meet Daniele

Our Prototype Designer

Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri is an architect, designer and art director.

Born in 1963, he graduated at Politecnico di Milano and coursed a Master in “Advanced Technology Application on Industrial design manifacture” in Florida. He was consultant of Piero Lissoni until 1994 and he has collaborated with Boffi, Porro and Living. He opens his own studio in Milan with the headquarters in Via Francesco De Sanctis 52.

He designs and projects for important italian furniture companies like Tisettanta, Matteo Grassi, Casamilano, Gallotti&Radice, Albed, Pedrali, Ivano Redaelli, Contardi, Ditre Italia, Varaschin, Montbel, Xera Cucine, Mobileffe, Doimo Cucine, Albed. Art Director of Giorgetti from 2010 until 2013, and currently of Varaschin, Ditre Italia, Montbel, Xera Cucine and Understate Milano.

All design starts with a dream, and I make it come true.

Master LELE
Master LELE - Italian Master Designer

Ready To Join The Interior Revolution?

We believe in our technology and service so much that we’d like to invite you to try our design & rendering service for free. Here’s how it works:

  1. Simply select a room that you want to be redesigned (it could be for a client or even a personal project)
  2. Send us the floor plans with your vision & design requirements
  3. We’ll blow you away with our phenomenal designs and photorealistic rendering

To get started, click “Request Demo” and we’ll be in touch to guide you through the journey,

Please Note: We only extend this offer to businesses that are serious about exploring the possibility of partnering with Wayes. This service would cost well over $1,000 with a local design company, so we trust you won’t take advantage of this offer.

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